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Unveiling: Ramp 2.0

20 August, 2020


Few of us imagined 2020 the way it’s turned out. For one, we have all been affected by the pandemic and are only now beginning to comprehend the repercussions it will have on global markets in the near future.


Worldwide crises tend to erode the already shaky trust we put into institutions, and seeing as we’ve just witnessed the biggest printing of USD in history, it’s hard to blame people for wanting a way out. Going into crypto is one.

But are we ready for the next wave of crypto adoption? The last few weeks have been all about rising network congestion and surging gas prices, which have caused plenty of issues for both users and developers. The more activity we see on the network, the more issues like this we’ll encounter — whether it’s scalability, transparency or usability.

At Ramp, we’re focusing on the last one — usability. We want to deliver a solution that will take away all the hassle and simply deliver a feature you’re looking for — an on-ramp to crypto. Just one, which achieves it all.

This is the main principle that’s gone into building Ramp 2.0. It is the result of the countless talks and product sessions we’ve had with our users, partners and integrators concerning UX, security, fees transparency, integration procedures, chargebacks, AML and tons more.

Say hello to the new Ramp 2.0


A light, flexible solution that takes away all the hassle of getting a crypto on-ramp built into your wallet, dApp or DeFi product.



Although the list of new features goes on and on, there’s one thing we really want to draw your attention to. We have often heard that founders are super cautious about adding on-ramps because of chargebacks, frauds and AML. An on-ramp which doesn’t handle this for you is a half-baked product exposing you to incredible risks. We would never want to do that. Ramp SDK handles all the compliance hassle of onboarding new users to crypto for you.

Ramp 2.0 is the ultimate, easiest on-ramp you can add to your product. We’ve made sure that it will be available to all your users, whether they prefer paying with Open Banking, their bank account, a debit card or Apple Pay. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for payments — so we’ve added them all for you.

Last but not least, there’s the issue of security. Good code is everything when it comes to crypto, so we’ve levelled up and open-sourced our SDK! You can check it out here (and while you’re at it, how do you like our new docs?). We are also audited by Quantstamp and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority, so the service you’re getting is top-tier.

OK, that’s the big picture. Now on to the feature list!


Pay how you want — new payment methods available!

Ramp now aggregates more methods of payment than any other on-ramp. Users in Europe can now:

  • choose VISA or MasterCard payment,
  • pick Apple Pay for a super-slick experience on iPhone or Mac
  • use Ramp’s innovative, best-in-class Open Banking with a European bank (including Revolut in EUR, a much-requested feature), and
  • execute a manual bank transfer for the lowest fees.

You can try all of these today at or with our select partners! If you’d like to know more about each method, stick around — we’ll be discussing them in full on Medium and Twitter in the coming days.


New, better pricing

If you take a look at our app, you’ll see some new price tags there. We always work hard to ensure Ramp offers fair pricing which works for the buyer, the integrator and us.

  • Open Banking just got even better — and cheaper! For transactions below 2.5k EUR, you’ll pay only 1.99%!
  • Want to buy loads of crypto at fees competitive with professional exchanges? Check out our manual bank transfer transactions starting at 0.49% above 2.5k EUR.
  • Only looking for a small amount to cover gas fees? You can buy as little as 2 EUR with a card, bank transfer, open banking or Apple Pay!
  • In a hurry to win that bid? It’s yours at 2.9% on a card or Apple Pay.

There’s more here!


Higher transaction limits

Today, if you decide you want to spend it all on crypto — you can. We’ve increased transaction limits and added more options for quick KYC verification to facilitate purchases! Want to authenticate via open banking? Or maybe you just want to take a selfie? Both work for us.


Tap into the blue ocean. List your token.

Listing your token on a centralised exchange can take months and require literally millions of dollars. Skip all that and get a fully compliant fiat on-ramp for your own token with Ramp and all of its payment and verification methods! We’ll take care of everything complicated — compliance, lawyers and banks. Contact us for more details!


Build with money Legos — dapps on Ramp

Integration has only only gotten better. We’ve open-sourced Ramp SDK, simplified it and revamped the docs. Check it out, apply for customised deals and features — and look for an exclusive technical deep-dive coming up in a few weeks, which will explain everything there is to know about the integration process.

More coming soon!

This is just a fraction of what we’ve been working on at Ramp. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this release and will stick with us to see what’s coming up next. Can’t wait? Why not use Ramp to buy more crypto?

We invite you to comment and discuss our latest developments here or at our Discord channel. You can also connect with us on our social media or directly at


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