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Ramp becomes a FCA registered fiat onramp.

04 August, 2021
Ramp just became a fiat on-ramp to be registered with the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority.

And only the 8th Cryptoassets Firm to receive the approval.

As a globally recognized regulatory body with rigorous registration requirements, the FCA plays a leading role in shaping global financial regulations.

Leading the industry in both regulatory compliance and technical innovation, Ramp was able to connect users from traditional finance to the new, decentralized and open finance future.

This is yet another regulatory approval after we became the first crypto on-ramp to receive open banking registration. We’ll continue to work with regulatory bodies around the world in our pursue to connect the world’s existing financial infrastructure with the decentralized future.

Join the innovators who have integrated Ramp!

Have a look at our SDK documentation.