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Supporting Ukraine Together

04 March, 2022
As the Russian invasion of Ukraine intensifies, we're speaking out.
As the violence in Ukraine escalates, many of us at Ramp are left overwhelmed with emotion.
  • If, like us, you'd like to show your support to Ukraine, but you’re not sure how, we've made it simple to donate. Simply top up your wallet with zero transaction fees, then visit Ukraine DAO, where 100% of proceeds go to support Ukrainians suffering from the war. You can send funds securely to the addresses on the website.

    Why we're speaking out

    The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating quickly. The civilian death toll continues to rise and families of those fighting the war have received little or no information about the involvement of their loved ones.

    Meanwhile, the Ukrainian armed forces - which have admirably repelled the Russian incursion into several cities - require more auxiliary equipment, specialized software, drones, personal body protection, training, and other supplies, to carry out their operations. And this all requires more funding.

    At Ramp, we felt compelled to speak out.

    We are a global company, but one with proud roots in neighbouring Poland and many of us are personally affected by this conflict.

    Our generation has been fortunate enough to live and prosper in a peaceful and stable Europe - something so precious that it would have been unimaginable for generations before. And while our post world-war dream of continued peace has been shattered, it's our collective responsibility to speak up.

    The invasion into Ukraine is appalling. The world is in shock. In the absence of a short term resolution, our hope that Vladimir Putin’s act of desperation will only serve to hasten the end of his rule.

    Ukraine, we stand with you.

    Thank you,


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