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Ramp for individual users


We have been talking a lot about partnerships, implementations and wide-scale uses for crypto ramps, both ours ( and in general. However, sometimes all you need is an easy way to get crypto, and Ramp can help here as well.



A ramp to crypto


The main purpose of crypto on-ramp tools is to provide a great way of onboarding users into different integrated platforms, such as wallets, games and various dApps. Ramp is unique in many aspects tho, one of them being our public instance. One can treat it as a general ramp to crypto: it's not tied to any particular platform or token, rather allows you to purchase a variety of popular crypto in a convenient way.


How to buy crypto in 2021


Time shave surely changed - autonomic robots clean our houses, we drive electric cars and fill taxes online.  The old (and not so good) way of getting hold of crypto by making wallets, going to exchanges and undergoing convoluted verification processes is simply bothersome.


Ramp changes this radically for the better: simply go to , select your desired currency and crypto and off you go! Depending on your region different payment options are available, but for most countries you can expect debit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay ad Revolut. You need only a crypto wallet, some spare fiat ("traditional") money and 5 minutes of your time.


Screenshot_2021-01-13 Ramp


What are the fees?


At Ramp, we do take a fee from your transaction. Some other solutions claims to be free, but when using them you will quickly realize that there are fees, just hidden. We believe in transparency and honesty. The rates depend on your chosen purchase method:


Manual transfer transactions
0.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR
0.49% per transactions greater than 2500 EUR (0.99% on 2500 EUR, then 0.49% on additional amount)

Easy transfer transactions
1.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR
1.49% for transactions greater than 2500 EUR (1.99% on 2500 EUR, then 1.49% on additional amount)

Debit card transactions

The minimum fee per transaction is 3.99 EUR. We may also apply an additional network processing fee of up to 0.5 EUR to cover blockchain transaction costs.


These are, at least to our knowledge, the lowest fees you can find on the market. If you ever do encounter any better offers let us know, and we will match.


Screenshot_2021-01-13 Ramp(1)


Is it secure?


We have detailed the security aspects in a separate article, but in short: Yes. This stems from a plethora of facts:


- Supervision provided by the Financial Conduct Authority

- KYC identity verification using your bank account data via open banking API

- Smart contracts got audited by Quantstamp

- We process your transaction, but don't hold your money or crypto


Why do I need crypto?


How you will use the newly acquired crypto is entirely up to you. If you're just starting, we suggest giving a thought to investing, as crypto can appreciate in value like no fiat ("traditional" money) does. . This is especially true for DeFi, where growths of 200-fold is not unheard of. If you are not yet sure what DeFi is or how exactly it works, be sure to do your research first.




Crypto can also be used to order pizza, play collectible card games, buy ads and even make brand-new, local currencies for communities. The possibilities are endless, and you will join a large number of peers in their journey through the new frontier.


Enter the crypto revolution with Ramp!


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