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Why we are so excited about Layer2s on Ethereum

If you’ve been around for long enough, you might have been a part of the “where are Layer 2s?” discussion at least three times. Every time new trends take hold on Ethereum – think DeFi, NFTs or gaming – they are inevitably cut short of their full potential by the limitation of 15 transactions per second on the world’s largest decentralized network. We start talking about the scaling solutions, optimising gas costs and increasing the transaction throughput… but then the trend dies down, gas prices go down and the sense of urgency disappears.

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Interoperability principles: meet Harmony x Ramp

Stay with us while we take a closer look at Harmony - the Proof-of-Stake sharding blockchain with a two-way Ethereum bridge, ultra-fast transactions and built-in interoperability. Explore how the Harmony teams strives to makes it easy for developers to build and scale dApps - now with the help of Ramp Network team!
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Ramp raises $10.1M to make crypto useful and accessible

We’re delighted to announce that we have raised $10.1 million in funding to take Ramp to the next level and continue pushing the frontier of what's possible in the crypto space.
Our Seed round was led by NFX and Galaxy Digital, with the participation of some of the best fintech and crypto entrepreneurs and funds. Together, we are building a future where crypto becomes genuinely useful, for all.
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Enter the metaverse: Flow & Ramp

Dapper Labs have partnered up with Ramp Network to improve the onboarding process for millions of users and builders of Flow blockchain all across the globe. This partnership is also the first fiat on-ramp universally available to Flow builders. 

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