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How would you like to pay? All the ways to buy crypto with Ramp!


At Ramp we focus on excellent user experience. And part of that is always expanding supported payment methods to make sure our users will always find something that fits them. Last week we unveiled Ramp 2.0 and today we want to talk about what’s new regarding payment methods: what just got a huge upgrade and which method will suit your case best. Keep on reading!



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So how can I pay?

Our approach? Definitely not one-size-fits-all. Crypto is extremely varied; so its supported payment methods should be too. So whether you’re looking to just cover gas fees, invest big bucks in yield farming or quickly bid at an auction — we’ve got you covered.


Instant Payments in Euros

Using Open Banking to pay for crypto is unique to Ramp — no one else does that. Tapping into the closed ledgers of banks seemed impossible, but not for us! We enabled this connection for our UK users last year, but now we’re expanding our offer to include Instant Payments in Euros!

Instant Payments feel like sci-fi(nance): seamlessly connect your bank, get verified via that connection and enjoy buying loads of crypto — without additional KYC, at the lowest rates and faster than ever.

Instant Payments are not only faster and cheaper than cards or manual transfers, they also guarantee you the price you see upon creating the transaction. In 90% of the cases, all the KYC we need will be done via Open Banking connection — so entirely invisible to you.

We’re rolling this feature out in Revolut first, but we will be adding more challenger banks later this year.

What else? The price for Instant Transfers went down too — it starts at 1.49% from now on!


Pay with a Debit Card

You will be happy to hear that we’ve added support for debit cards! You can now use your Visa or MasterCard to buy crypto via Ramp! At only 2.9%, this is the best offer available worldwide, only takes few minutes and is familiar to everyone!

What about KYC? For purchases below 50 EUR, only your name and address are required. If you’re buying more than 50 EUR (or making more than 5 transactions per month), you will be asked to verify yourself via ID + selfie.

Currently, we support debit cards issued in Europe, but we are working towards adding credit cards and more global coverage.


Apple Pay!

Along with card support, we added an extra checkout option for iOS and MacOS users — the much beloved Apple Pay!


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You can enjoy unparalleled speed and comfort at lowest rates — only 2.9% per transaction and same limits as cards 🙌


SEPAs — easier and cheaper

Want to stick to good old SEPA transfers? They just got even better — we decreased the fees to 0.49% for purchases above 2 500 EUR and to 0.99% for purchases below 2 500 EUR!


More coming soon!

This is just a fraction of what we’ve been working on at Ramp. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this release and will stick with us to see what’s coming up next. Can’t wait? Why not use Ramp to buy more crypto?

We invite you to comment and discuss our latest developments here or in our Discord channel. You can also connect with us on our social media or directly at


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