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Interoperability principles: meet Harmony x Ramp

01 July, 2021
Stay with us while we take a closer look at Harmony - the Proof-of-Stake sharding blockchain with a two-way Ethereum bridge, ultra-fast transactions and built-in interoperability. Explore how the Harmony teams strives to makes it easy for developers to build and scale dApps - now with the help of Ramp Network team!


Solving the blockchain trilemma

To build a good blockchain, ones must always keep the balance between scalability, security and decentralisation. This is called the blockchain trilemma. Whatever your approach and technology will be, you have to sacrifice one of the other. 
Harmony is the first successful implementation of a sharded Proof-of-Stake blockchain. There are four shards managing the network - the beacon chain (shard 0) and the shards one, two and three. Harmony team was the first one that devised a solution for keeping the same blockchain state across different shards. 
All this keeps a very comfortable resemblance to Ethereum - you will find all the familiar elements there, like ERC20 and ERC721 tokens equivalents (so NFTs!). The significant difference between the two is the extent of decentralisation. The current set up only allows for 1000 validator nodes within the Harmony ecosystem, but the plan is to increase this number with time and create a decentralized, open network community of nodes known as Pangaea. Something to look forward to!

Upgrading the onboarding flow

Now, using Harmony will be even easier - ONE tokens are now available for purchase in Ramp SDK! 
You can use debit or credit card, ApplePay, OpenBanking or SEPA transfers to quickly get them delivered to your wallet, and all at best rates - starting at 0.49%. Here's where you can try it!
And as usual - builders, we present you the ONE SDK to rule them all (and let your users buy ONE in minutes)!
Do you want to build on Harmony with us? Check out the docs and schedule a call with our Partnerships Team below!

Join the innovators who have integrated Ramp!

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