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Enter the metaverse: Flow & Ramp

11 June, 2021

Dapper Labs have partnered up with Ramp Network to improve the onboarding process for millions of users and builders of Flow blockchain all across the globe. This partnership is also the first fiat on-ramp universally available to Flow builders. 

If you joined crypto around 2017, chances are the product that brought you to the cryptoverse was CryptoKitties. The crazy demand for the little furry NFTs made us believe that this is it, the game that takes blockchain mainstream.

However, the popularity of the game also showed us all the shortcomings of blockchains. Scalability took first place, difficulties in accessing crypto came close second. The makers of CryptoKitties, the Dapper Labs team, took this experience and used it to build a solution that will meet the needs of the international entertainment industry. The first step was building their own blockchain - Flow. 


What’s Flow? 


In their own words “Flow is a blockchain that essentially takes care of the hard problems for you so that you may focus on your application”.
Some unique things about Flow? 

- Flow is ready for mainstream usage - thanks to its multi node architecture. It is one of the few solutions built to withstand scale, preserve a composable execution environment and stay decentralized.

- Flow uses resource-oriented planning. Built around Cadence, Dapper Labs’ own programming language that is easy to use and makes writing smart contracts safer and more secure. 

- Flow is developer’s first. It has built-in developer tools (open-sourced too!), where developers can easily get started and progress through the funnel of building blockchain applications one step at a time, instead of having to learn a lot of theory before writing even a line of code.

And now, any developer building on Flow can easily add Ramp SDK and onramp their users to the metaverse in minutes!

  • The powerful SDK 

Ramp and Flow teams have been working tirelessly for the last couple of months to bring this essential feature to live. Right now, builders of Flow based apps can simply use the ramp SDK package to onboard their users directly to FUSD - Flow’s first stablecoin. 
Right now you’re just one simple integration away from opening up your app to a mainstream audience, perhaps more familiar with cards than crypto. Adding Ramp is the last fiat <> crypto issue that you will have to bear with, because all the pains - AML, liquidity, chargebacks… - is covered by us. One small SDK that will connect billions of users to your Flow-based app.

Are you building on Flow? Contact our Team and get access to the production API today!

Join the innovators who have integrated Ramp!

Have a look at our SDK documentation.