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Building a freer future: Ramp x Celo

07 September, 2021
Hello, builders of the future!

We’re very excited to announce that
Celo and Ramp have partnered up to provide a limited-time, ZERO-fee* fiat on-ramping access for the trio of Celo assets - cUSD, cEUR, and CELO!
A shared mission.
Ramp’s goal is to build the bridge that connects the traditional financial world, the one that we are currently living and interacting with daily, with the decentralized future that you are building.

We found a natural partner in Celo, whose mission is to provide freer financial access to the world by creating stable assets that acknowledge no national borders.
The Celo team is excited that Ramp users will now be able to access all Celo assets including the Celo carbon-neutral stable coins. cUSD and cEUR are a low-cost, fast, Ethereum compatible way to transfer value around the world.
- Chuck Kimble, Head of Alliances for cLabs, working on Celo.
Together, we are making accessing the financial ecosystem easier, quicker, and cheaper than ever before.
An easier, quicker, and more accessible future.
If you’ve ever tried to send money to a family member living abroad, pay an online bill, or reimburse a friend, then you’ve probably experienced the all-too-common pain points associated with traditional banking — namely, high transfer fees and transactions that can take days to settle.
Celo enables instant access to value, through easy-to-use mobile applications and opens up the enormous potential of blockchain to those who have been left out of the traditional financial system as a result of barriers such as high cost and technical complexity.
Enter the Celo blockchain.
Celo enables instant access to capital, through easy-to-use applications on mobile phones, and opens up the enormous potential of blockchain to those who were previously shunned out due to high cost and technical complexity.

Already, applications like PayU and DuniPay have helped users in Latin America and Africa conduct payment transfers with negligible fees. DeFi platforms and partners of Celo, Ubeswap, and Moola Market have allowed users, for the first time in their lives, access to financial products in a simple and easy-to-understand interface.
Build a freer financial future for the world with us and our partners:



About Celo 

Celo is a mobile-first, open-source ecosystem of technologies, organizations and individuals that all share a common mission of building a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone. The Celo ecosystem includes a decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain technology stack (Celo Platform), a native asset (CELO),  stablecoins (cUSD, cEUR), and the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, with over 150 organizations around the world, including Deutsche Telekom, PayU, Opera, Andreessen Horowitz, Anchorage, Coinbase, GSMA, Grameen Foundation, Prosegur, Abra, and cLabs, a service organization dedicated to growing and developing the Celo ecosystem.

For more information, please visit:


About Ramp

Ramp is one of the very first registered crypto-asset businesses in the UK as well as the first crypto firm to receive an Open Banking registration in the European Union. Ramp builds legally compliant infrastructure that connects traditional banking infrastructure to the decentralized blockchain future.

*Ramp will not charge users a fee for the duration of 6 months or the first 3.2 - 20 million USD, in transacted volume depending on payment options, whichever is reached sooner. Your banking institution’s transaction fees may still apply.

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