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Ramp raises $10.1M to make crypto useful and accessible

We’re delighted to announce that we have raised $10.1 million in funding to take Ramp to the next level and continue pushing the frontier of what's possible in the crypto space.
Our Seed round was led by NFX and Galaxy Digital, with the participation of some of the best fintech and crypto entrepreneurs and funds. Together, we are building a future where crypto becomes genuinely useful, for all.
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A fearless combo: Ramp and Fearless Wallet

Financial freedom is incredible. Value flows freely, what's yours is yours, no intermediaries involved... Magic. Yet financial freedom is also scary. The irreversibility of blockchain, lack of omnipotent custodians - all this can be frightening for the first time users. Tips for them? Good entry level materials, moderate amounts of CryptoTwitter... and a Fearless wallet! Now with built-in Ramp integration!

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Polygon: paving the way for Ethereum scaling

When Ethereum followed Bitcoin, we were all amazed by its incredible capabilities. Everything was possible and the internet of money was within arms reach. However, once we started to build, Ethereum shortcomings became evident - high gas costs, slow transaction speeds and lack of scalability threatened to stall the web3 movement. This post will be the first one in the Scaling series - where we discuss opportunities presented by different Layer 2 solutions or gas optimised sidechains. 

This time, the spotlight is on Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network.

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Why on-ramps matter


Some of the greatest advantages of the crypto community and market are mutual understanding and common goals. Most users, readers, members and customers are genuine enthusiasts, knowledgeable about the subject and very eager to give feedback, try new solutions and help. Or, so seems to be the case - reality differs a bit.


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Interoperability principles - Polkadot x Ramp


When we talk about Ramp, we often say that we work on making banks and blockchain interoperable. Bridging two separate ledgers is not always easy - especially when there are so many foundational differences between the old and the new worlds. But we want them to cooperate in the long run. 

In this sense, there's a lot we share with the amazing team at Polkadot & Web3 Foundation - a common goal of supporting developers in building beautiful, customised and cooperating use-cases in crypto. We're tremendously happy to announce Ramp has just become a part of this ecosystem!


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